The bridal makeup course is aimed at make-up artists and hairdressers with a basic level of makeup skills, who feel the need to deepen and improve the techniques and issues of this specific professional field.
The various types of light (natural and artificial) and their influence on bridal makeup. Seasonal lights and bridal makeup. Daytime and afternoon lights in bridal makeup.
The psychological approach to the client and analysis of the psychological components.
Definition of “bride makeup” in the current era.
Practical, stylistic, technical aspects to consider (dress, hair, makeup, ceremony style).
The variables involved in the conception of the bride makeup.
The day of the trial, the day of the wedding, what to know and how to behave
The trick in photography: the various types of photographic lighting, how to choose the best location for the preparation of the bride, what to consider and what to avoid. Choice and application of the base, identification of friendly and non-compliant colors. Light and shade in photographic makeup, black and white photography, solar and lunar colors and their results in photography
Basic rules and errors to avoid, how to prepare the tax receipt.
Choice of products and fixing., the make-up of the woman in tune with its psychological implications.
The makeup chart.
Day/evening bride makeup Corrective makeup and second wedding, over 40
The Glamour bride in photography.
Different styles and personalization of the look
The ethnic bride, the summer bride (limits and tricks on tanned leather).
Makeup for the groom (Grooming) and relatives (differences)
Cosmetic and lifting treatments for the bride’s face preparation
Fake Eyelashes
Tips for fixing the makeup.
Exercise on your model, putting into practice all the notions learned, considering the photographic exposure, somatic corrections and coloring of belonging, the style and character of the bride-to-be.